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Elysee Elite

Weight Loss Programme

Do you want to be slimmer, healthier and feel good about yourself again, all from the comfort of your own home? Find out how the Elysee Elite programme helps you. Elysee helps realize long-term changes in weight reduction.

Our unique Elysee programmes originated in the medical profession. You will see immediate results on your scale with a lifestyle program and supportive medication. Start Elysee Elite programme today.

Start the Elysee Elite programme today.

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Elysee guidance in brief

Experience how to achieve your ideal weight together with Elysee

Intake at home

A personal initial review at home where targets are discussed and a medical check is performed.

Personalized counselling

You will have an Elysee Nurse for 12 months who will work with you to create a personalized programme.

Lifestyle change

To ensure that your results are permanent, the Elysee nurse guides you with lifestyle advice and tips.

A stable weight

After an average of 12 months you can switch to the maintenance programme to keep your body weight stable.

How it works.

Everyone is different. Before you start the Elysee Elite Weight Loss Programme, we want to know what your motivations are and how we can guide you the best. What is your ideal weight. The Elysee team has extensive experience with overweight and weight loss clients.

The Elysee nurse will personally visit your home. Together with your Elysee nurse you will go through the entire Elysee Elite programme, the drug, your goals and expectations with you. For the medical check, your blood pressure will be taken and blood will be drawn for analysis. Also, your body weight will be weighed and a photograph will be taken.

For the first 4 to 6 weeks, the Elysee nurse will visit your home weekly. During this counselling, the Elysee nurse will be there for the medical check, dose determination and personal questions. In addition to the Elysee nurse, you will receive 24/7 support from a complete medical team consisting of a physician, an internist and a dietician or exercise coach.

Elysee lifestyle coach

Lasting weight loss is a combination of several factors. You have already taken the first step by participating in the Elysee Elite Programme. The Elysee Lifestyle coach will help you with the other steps. Together with the lifestyle coach, you will discuss which changes will have a positive impact on your lifestyle. All of this is to make sure you don’t fall back into repeating patterns.

Elysee dietician

At Elysee, we realize that everyone is unique, including you. Every person lives differently, which is why good nutrition is very personal. During the Elysee Elite programme, the dietitian will create a personalized nutrition plan with you that takes into account your lifestyle, health and preferences. Every month, the dietitian will come to your home for guidance and advice.


The duration of the Elysee Elite Programme is 12 months. Your body needs a habituation period to get used to the medication and then stabilize to lose weight in a healthy way. Our own experiences show that participants lose weight and have visible results after the first few weeks. After 12 months, your weekly maintenance dose will be determined for you in consultation with the medical team.

Start the Elysee Elite programme today.

Book a non-binding telephone appointment with an Elysee Specialist

    What’s in the programme?



    Weight Loss

    Find out how you can achieve weight reduction.
    6 months incl. medicine
    More weight loss and guidance?



    Weight Loss

    Discover weight reduction with the standard programme.
    9 months incl. medicine
    What if the programme is over?



    Weight Loss

    Even after your weight reduction, we continue to care for you.
    monthly maintenance