1. What treatments does Elysee have for weight loss?

Elysee Netherlands uses medication and lifestyle intervention for its Weight Los treatments. The medication can consist of injections or tablets. These are prescribed by an Elysee doctor or Internist. This requires a medical indication. The medical indication is based, among other things, on a BMI >30 or a BMI >27 with an obesity-related condition. The weekly dosage is always customized and is determined together with the medical team. Participants have weekly contact with Elysee’s medical supervisor.

2. What are the effects of the treatments?

Participants’ weight loss depends largely on therapy compliance, personal lifestyle and personal motivation. On average, Elysee participants lose 1-2 kg of body weight per week during treatment. The goal is to maintain a healthy weight for the long term. For this, it is important that after finishing the main program for 4 to 6 months and the subsequent maintenance dose period, participants have developed new habits for healthy eating and healthy exercise.

3. What are satiety hormones?

Satiety hormones, or appetite suppressants, in the form of medications (injections or tablets) affect the feeling of hunger and insulin secretion. Some medications affect the dopamine system. As a result, Elysee participants manage to eat less and Elysee participants feel satisfied for longer. This ensures that personal lifestyle changes in the form of new healthy habits stick better.

4. Do weight loss medications have side effects?

Most weight loss medications have side effects. The most common side effects are nausea, constipation and diarrhea. A small group of participants experience these especially during the first few weeks of the Weight Los treatment program. Therefore, it is necessary for participants to have weekly counseling and contact with the medically competent Elysee nurse.

5. Are the medications reimbursed by health insurance companies?

Elysee’s Weight Los treatment programs and medications are not reimbursed by health insurance companies. GLI programs (Combined Lifestyle Intervention) if prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist are covered by health insurance. You should contact your own doctor for more information.

6. How long does the treatment process / programme last?

The treatment programme lasts a minimum of 6 months during which the clients are intensively supervised in weight loss and medication by the New Life Nurse. This is followed by a post-treatment program during which clients remain at stable weight levels.

7. What does the treatment process/programme consist of?

The integral treatment programme consists of an intake interview with a doctor, blood tests, intensive support (home visits) by the New Life Nurse of Elysee, weight measurements, exercise and nutrition advice. The personal family physician may be contacted for treatment recommendations.

8. What if I have reached my target weight?

To ensure that your results are sustainable, there is a post-treatment process in which clients remain at a stable weight level. Here, your weekly maintenance dose is determined for you in consultation with the medical team.

9. What is the cost of the treatment process?

The total costs for the treatment program will be shared with you in advance and are based on the type of program a client will follow. The costs for consultations, medication, blood pressure measurements and body analysis are all-inclusive.

10. What is the guarantee of success ?

The weight reduction results per client depend on the client’s motivation, the medication dosage, the duration of the treatment trajectory and follow-up of the exercise and nutrition advice.

11. Is the dosage of the medication variable?

The maintenance dose of saturation hormone is 2.4mg once a week. This is achieved by periodically increasing the starting dose of 0.25mg. This dose will be adjusted after 3 to 4 weeks by the New Life Nurse based on body weight and gastrointestinal side effects. The standard construction is :

  • Week 1-4 1 per week 0.25 mg
  • Week 5-8 1 per week 0.5 mg
  • Week 9-12 1 per week 1.0 mg
  • Week 13-16 1 per week 1.7 mg
  • Maintenance dose 1 per week 2.4 mg

12. What is the advantage of this method over other lifestyle programmes such as dieting?

There are many lifestyle programs for weight loss. Elysee’s integrative treatment program is complemented by supportive medication. Clients experience positive results. The intensive and personal guidance provided by the New Life Nurses give a boost in clients’ motivation.

13. Can anyone participate?

The Elysee treatment program is for individuals with a BMI >30 or a BMI >27 with an obesity-related condition. Blood tests and intake by the Elysee physician are standard components of the treatment program. Medical supervision is aimed at minimizing potential side effects and at client self-efficacy.