Obesity in the Netherlands in hard data

In the Netherlands, the number of overweight people is still rising rapidly. Today, more than half of adults are overweight. This increases with age; older people tend to be heavier than young adults.

Of adults, 35% are moderately overweight ( you have a higher BMI >25kg/m2 ) and 15% are severely overweight ( you have a higher BMI >30kg/m2 ). Men are more likely to be overweight than women, however, women are more likely to be obese than men.

Worldwide obesity in figures

In the Netherlands, 52% of adults are overweight, which means that they have a BMI higher than 25. Of these 52%, 13% are obese.


Adults are obese


Teenagers are obese


Children are obese

Treatment Methods for Obesity

“There are several methods to lose weight. The combination of lifestyle and medication for weight reduction provides a positive impact on participants’ weight.”

Bert Stelder
Medical Director


Changing your lifestyle to avoid gaining unnoticed pounds and being more conscious of food and exercise.

Medicine for weight reduction

Under medical supervision, use a medication that best suits your body.

Surgical Surgery

In some cases, operative surgery is used in the Netherlands

Other treatment methods for weight reduction.

There are several treatment methods for obesity. Elysee Life is introducing new treatments based on weekly medication.

Elysee Life often combines its medical treatments with lifestyle interventions such as dietary modification and healthy exercise. As a result, weight loss increases.

There are other treatment methods in the Netherlands that are sometimes reimbursed by insurance companies.

Surgical Surgery

  • Gastric Sleeve – gastric bypass
  • Gastric Bypass – gastric bypass / stomach reduction.
  • Mini Stomach Bypass – a new variation of the normal gastric bypass.


  • Combined lifestyle intervention (GLI) programs in the basic package since 2019
  • Combined Lifestyle Intervention (GLI) program with cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Specialized GLI program only for diabetes mellitus type 2
  • GLI Plus program: medical care, lifestyle coaching, combined with supportive mental training for 2 years.
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