Many people are concerned with their weight on a daily basis.

Overweight in figures

National Prevention Agreement 2040

Over the past several decades, the number of overweight individuals has increased dramatically. The Dutch government promotes healthy lifestyle agreements and formulated goals. In the Coalition Agreement, many civil society organizations agreed to set aside €60 million each year for prevention. They are enshrined in the National Prevention Agreement.

Less overweight

From 50% to 38% of adults

Smoke-free Netherlands

A smoke-free generation

Less alcohol consumption

From 9% to 5% excessive alcohol consumption

I want an ideal weight without too much effort.

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    Fewer people overweight

    About 52% of the Dutch population is overweight. This should go to 38% by 2040. To achieve this, the central government wants a healthier everyday environment. Some measures include:

    Reduce VAT on fruits and vegetables from 9% to 0%
    Higher taxes on soft drinks and beer
    A sugar tax
    Agreements with producers on healthier food

    Broadening prevention approaches to include mental health.

    In addition to attention to physical health, additional measures are needed for mental health. The corona crisis of the last 2 years has led to more burnout symptoms, loneliness, depression and sleep problems. The development of the prevention approach therefore includes an approach to a mentally healthy Netherlands.

    More sports and exercise.

    Enough exercise helps to reduce the risks of both physical and mental health problems. At this moment 53% of the Dutch population exercises enough to meet the ‘exercise standard’: at least 150 minutes of active exercise per week. For example, walking, cycling, or strength training. The goal for 2040 is that 75% of the Dutch population will meet this standard.

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