Privacy Policy

Elysee Netherlands B.V. processes data from various customers as part of its services. This data is needed to make appointments with our clients for medical examinations and to prepare recommendations for our clients.

To this end, Elysee Netherlands B.V. has set up its office environment and work processes in such a way that no sensitive information is or remains visible. So no data is left on desks or laptops. All data disappears daily behind lock and key both digitally and also the data on paper.

Medical records are not emailed nor stored locally on personal computers or laptops. Our processes are described and recorded in the privacy regulations.

We process personal data. We do this for a reason.

To advise a customer appropriately

  • For example, about the employability of clients or insureds.
  • For example, on the use of interventions.
  • To execute an agreement.
  • For example, to provide information about our products and services.
  • For example, to buy, order and deliver products and services.
  • Also for supporting our business operations.
  • Also for the conclusion of agreements.
  • Also for calculating, recording and collecting invoices.
  • To handle complaints and disputes.
  • To abide by the law.
  • For managing, administering and developing IT systems.

We process anonymized data. We do this for a reason.

  • To develop products and services.
  • Also for statistical analysis and scientific research.
  • Also for management information.
  • Also for determining overall strategy and policy.
  • To train, coach and assess our employees.