Treatments of obesity

Elysee changes your relationship with food and your weight.

I want an ideal weight without too much effort.

What options are available?

You have already made several attempts to lose weight. Not always with the desired results, but fortunately developments do not stand still. From the medical world, several treatments and drugs have been developed in recent years that can contribute to weight reduction.

Treatment methods

for weight reduction

in the Netherlands.

There are several treatment methods for obesity. Elysee Life introduces new treatment based on weekly medication.

There has been a lot of research done by research departments and universities in recent years on the action of synthetic GLP-1s (Glucagon Like Polypeptide) against obesity for easy weight loss. And with success. In recent years, more and more GLP-1 medications have come on the market and have proven to be very effective. This makes surgical procedures such as a gastric balloon less necessary.


  • Combined Lifestyle Intervention (GLI) programs in the basic package as of 2019
  • Combined Lifestyle Intervention (GLI) program with cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Specialized GLI program only for diabetes mellitus type 2

Surgical operation

  • Gastric Sleeve – stomach reduction
  • Gastric Bypass – gastric bypass / stomach reduction.
  • Mini Gastric Bypass – a new variation of the normal gastric bypass.

What medications are available for weight loss?

Several medications, such as liraglutide, semaglutide, naltroxen / bupropion and orlistat, can contribute to weight loss.
These drugs belong to different “families” of drugs, and therefore their effects are different.
For example, Orlistat inhibits the absorption of fats in the intestines, while the GLP-1 inhibitors stimulate the release of insulin, provide a feeling of satiety and slow down gastric emptying.

With respect to the result you can expect from a treatment, much medical scientific research has been done. A recent literature review (May 2022 published in The Lancet, and reproduced in the Dutch IVM Newsletter, among others) listed 143 published studies. This so-called meta-analysis examined the additional effect of the drugs on weight, when applied – as usual – in combination with lifestyle intervention.

Elysee guidance in brief.

Experience how you and Elysee can achieve your ideal weight.

Intake at home

A personal intake at home where targets are discussed with a medical check.

Personalized counseling

You will have an Elysee Nurse for 6 months who will work with you to create a personalized program.

Lifestyle change

To ensure your results are permanent, the Elysee Nurse will guide you with lifestyle advice and tips.

Your weight stable

After an average of 6 months, you can switch to the maintenance program to keep your body weight stable.

Scientifically proven

lose on average 15% in 68 weeks

The Elysee weight loss program is based on scientific research with new appetite suppressant drugs. In it, overweight people were shown to lose an average of 15% weight over a 68-week period.

Experience Survey

lose 1 kilo per week

In an initial experiential study among Elysee participants in the Netherlands, an average weight loss of 1 kilogram per week appeared possible in the first two months of treatment [source Elysee].

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