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Internist Drs. Marit van Boreen
(BIG-nr 09065920001):
This new weight loss method can mean a lot to many people!

I want an ideal weight without too much effort.

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Medical guidelines

For the Elysee programme, we closely follow the medical-scientific developments in the field, so that the client always receives the right treatment. In doing so, we apply the official medical guidelines for the prescription of this type of medicine such as the degree of obesity, any underlying conditions and use of other medications. We also discuss all the possible advantages and disadvantages of using weight loss medications with you beforehand. Your personal situation and motivation are also important aspects. This will allow you to make your decision in a conscious and informed manner.

Experience by Ellis from Amsterdam

55 years - I gained 15 pounds after menopause.

I wanted to keep doing the cozy evenings with my husband Theo, have a wine, some hearty snacks.  But I noticed that my weight was increasing since the menopause. For years I was on various diets. Sportfasting and from the Atkins to the Montiac diet.  I kept yo-yoing with my weight and recognized myself less and less in the mirror. I was so done counting calories. Now that I have started the Elysee program I am enjoying life to the fullest again. The weekly injections ensure that I am much less hungry and in combination with sports I am losing weight. I am comfortable in my own skin again!

Experience by Nathalie from Utrecht

34 years - I gained substantial weight during pregnancy.

I was super happy with the birth of our 2nd son Jonathan two years ago. After the pregnancy, in which I had gained a lot of weight, I tried everything to get my normal weight back, without success. I even did Sportfasting and Cambridge for a while. Four months ago I started the Elysee program. Now I have lost 12 kilos. Great. Another 4 kilos to go. I especially like the personal guidance of Elysee Nurse Anne. In the beginning I had to get used to the mini injections but Anne guided me well. Now I sport again a few times a week and I dare to look at myself in the mirror again.

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    Marit van Boreen – Internist Elysee

    Marit has extensive experience working with clients and medication for weight reduction. From the clinic, she knows that losing weight is a difficult process for many. Elysee offers a new solution from the medical world.

    Do you want quick results?

    Find out how losing weight with medication can help you achieve your ideal weight. Elysee uses FDA/EMA approved medication. This medication is a revolution in weight loss. Start today with Elysee.

    Anne Moazzeni – Personal coaching

    “I guide our participants in the process of losing weight. I have daily contact with them. It is beautiful to experience that Elysee participants achieve extraordinary results with their weight. I see people beaming again.”

    Scientifically proven

    lose an average of 15% in 68 weeks

    The Elysee weight loss programme is based on scientific research with new appetite suppressant medication. Overweight people were shown to lose an average of 15% weight over a 68-week period during the programme.

    Experience Survey

    lose 1 kilo per week

    In an initial experience study among Elysee participants in the Netherlands, an average weight loss of 1 kilogram per week appeared possible in the first two months of treatment [source Elysee].

    Elysee Life guidance in brief.

    Experience how you and Elysee can achieve your ideal weight.

    Intake at home

    A personal initial interview at home where targets are discussed and a medical check is performed.

    Personalized counselling

    You will have an Elysee Nurse for 6 months who will work with you to create a personalized programme.

    Lifestyle change

    To ensure that your results are permanent, the Elysee Nurse guides you with lifestyle advice and tips.

    A stable weight

    After an average of 6 months you can switch to the maintenance programme to keep your body weight stable.

    Elysee Life Programmes.

    Discover how you can achieve weight reduction

    What’s in the programme?



    Weight Loss

    Find out how you can achieve weight reduction.
    6 months incl. medicine
    More weight loss and guidance?



    Weight Loss

    Discover weight reduction with the standard programme.
    9 months incl. medicine
    I want the full programme



    Weight Loss

    Premium treatment with Elysee lifestyle coach and dietician.
    12 months incl. medicine
    Your ideal weight.

    Your ideal weight will make you healthier, feel more confident, and feel good in your own skin. Literally and figuratively. And that’s what it’s all about. Elysee is the new and innovative way for weight loss and weight maintenance. Experience the unique service and guidance of Elysee. Start your new life today. You are not alone.

    Elysee Medical Team.

    The Elysee Medical Team consists of Medical Doctors and Elysee Nurses. This team has extensive experience in the medical management of weight loss based on the administration of medication. The Elysee Nurses are heavily involved in activating and motivating Elysee Programme participants on a daily basis. All for personal success.

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